Ready to become a Beyond Spirits Marketplace vendor partner?

Check out the below steps that you will take during your onboarding journey. Start gathering some of your documents now to move along the process, or you can wait as they are requested from your Beyond Spirits team member. The choice is yours!

New Vendor Onboarding Steps

Phase 1: Interview

You will complete the following steps to ensure we are the right solution for your company:

·        Fill out and submit the New Supplier Form below

·        Receive an email from a Beyond Spirits Team member; schedule a phone call to review your form. 

·        Share more specific information about your less-than-truckload customer base and product offering, if appropriate. 

·        Move on to the next step if both your company and ours agree this could be a good partnership. 


Phase 2: Documents

At this point, a senior business development manager will manage your account. She or he will submit a proposal to you, which will include a request for the following:

·        Legal documents such as a certificate of insurance, W-9, and product guarantee, among others.

·        Additional documents specific to your people, products, and customers, which you will be asked to complete and return.

Phase 3: GDSN/Data Accuracy

You will work with our master data team to enable customers to see your products on our e-commerce site. Our team will lead you through item setup and answer any questions you have along the way. See below to learn more about GDSN and Data Accuracy.

Phase 4: Launch

Once we have reached an agreement and all of your items are set up, we will establish a launch date and submit our first order via EDI. Help us share the message that your products are now available through Dot by using your complimentary Beyond Spirits digital marketing services.

Onboarding Timeline

We believe that the best business partnerships take a little time and effort. Every step along the way is built to make sure you get the most out of your relationship with us. It can take a minimum of 30 days from start to finish. Depending on how quickly or slowly you can turn around the necessary information to us throughout the process, this timeline can extend past three months. Please rest assured that it is worth it. We will increase your reach. We will improve your business. We will be your supply chain solution. 

Become a Vendor

Are you ready to sell more product? Then it’s time to become a Beyond Spirits vendor.

Let’s Talk

If you have any questions about our company, we would love to hear from you. 

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Additional Resources :

GDSN/Data Accuracy :Give your customers the product data they need—at the moment they need it.
For a distributor to do their job correctly and ensure the operator is happy, they need to know exactly what they are purchasing before doing so. They need to see the nutritionals, know if there are allergens like peanuts or gluten in the product, and understand the item’s pack size.
This is where GDSN comes into play. We’ve found the best way to share product information is through the GS1 Global Data Synchronization Network™ (GDSN®).
GDSN is a network of data pools that work together to share real-time data with subscribing partners. In short, this means that when you update your product information via your GS1-certified data pool (click here for a full list), those details are automatically shared and updated elsewhere
The Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the most efficient way for you to send and receive electronic business transactions.The Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the most efficient way for you to send and receive electronic business transactions.
This includes pricing, purchase orders (PO), PO confirmations, invoices, advance ship notifications (ASN), and sales reports. We use EDI at Dot to place orders with our supplier partners and communicate with our customers, buying groups, and brokers. It helps us improve service to all of our business partners.